About the Journal

Journal of Asian Wisdom and Islamic Behavior with ISSN number: 2987-6915 is a double-blind review method international journal that publishes authentic scientific articles relating to valuable ideas that contain findings of various local wisdom in the field of Islamic studies in Asia. The journal is aimed at promoting various local issues that correlate with the behaviors of Muslim communities and Islamic practices in Asia. This journal is, specifically, interested in high-quality qualitative research capable of finding various policies wherein Islam intersects with local beliefs, rituals, traditions, customs, and cultures. The discussions include local issues in Asia, e.g.: spirituality (Sufism), religiosity, faith, cosmological belief, social and political identities, customs, and cultures, tolerance, and Islamic moderation, as well as assorted expressions of digital religious and spiritual life, digital religion and religious authority contestation in the age of new media, but not necessarily limited to the aforementioned scope. The purpose is to facilitate all researchers and academicians throughout Asia to publish their research paper and to develop networks among scholars in Asia and the international world. We invite writers who have diverse backgrounds and are underrepresented. JAWAB, published twice a year (March and September), always places Islam as a spiritual practice and traditions of Muslim communities as local wisdom in Asia in the central focus of academic inquiry and invites any discussions as the aim and scopes. JAWAB is a member of Crossref.org since 2023, so each article has its unique DOI number.