Frequently Asked Questions

JAWAB: Journal of Asian Wisdom and Islamic Behavior

For the time being, JAWAB does not apply APC (Article Processing Charge). JAWAB encourages Open Access initiative. Conversely, rewards will be given to articles selected for publication.
Please click “Article Submission” in the journal’s homepage and directly access the submission system applied by the journal.
In the initial stage, JAWAB editors will verify the writing check list is in line with the notification given here. At this stage, if all items in the list are satisfied, the possibility for your article to be accepted and published is rather substantial after going through the peer review process.
As stated in the article info it would take no later than 1-2 months for the reply. But you may get a reply in several days, depending on your check list. Once your article is accepted, it would take 9 months, at the latest, to publish. However, in only a few weeks we may have a decision to publish your article or otherwise, depending on the reviewers and article revisions you may need to carry out. Nonetheless, we provide a 2-weeks deadline for our reviewers to conduct their tasks.
You can check the status of a manuscript you submitted by visiting our online manuscript processing system at login form and find your manuscript in your account. In case you are unable to access your account, you can directly contact the following, or
You will not be able to revise your manuscript once it has been accepted, but you may resubmit it and it will be processed as a new manuscript.
Yes, you may remove, add, or revise the authors before the manuscript goes in the layout phase.
The maximum number of authors is 5, and your manuscript will be significantly considered when the authors are from multiple countries.
A minimum of 6,000 words and a maximum of 8,000 words apply to all submitted manuscripts.
We have prepared an article template for your convenience. You can download it here.
JAWAB uses the Chicago Style Citation. For your convenience, we have prepared a Quick Chicago Style Citation guide here.
An author may submit an unlimited number of articles as long as all submissions are in accordance with our Author Guidelines.
Yes, as long as the manuscript has never been published and is in accordance with the scope of JAWAB and the guideline for authors.
In order for our editors and reviewers to accurately assess the work presented in your manuscript, you need to ensure that the English language you use is of sufficient quality to understand. If you need any help in writing in English, you can contact the following, or
We are committed to successfully publish your manuscript. Your manuscript may be rejected by the journal due to reasons other than the quality of your research. We suggest that you review the check list and author guidelines thoroughly or we recommend that you submit the manuscript to another journal.
While the manuscript file is submitted to the production team for data processing, DOI assignment, and layout to ensure all correspondence addresses and other technical matters are in place, you (as the corresponding author) will keep in contact with us.
For the time being, JAWAB only publishes 2 editions per annum in January and July.
For the time being, JAWAB only publishes 7 articles in each edition.
Yes, in fact, we highly encourage you to share your article to all of your coleagues, use it in your email identity, include it as a new document in your Curriculum Vitae or publish it via your social media accounts.
You can click on the forgot password button then check your email inbox.
JAWAB supports various browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, dan Safari.
Please contact our editorial office via email at to report any issues you may encounter.